Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate

CAS No.: 141-98-0 Other Names: O-isobutyl Ethyl Thiocarbamate MF: (CH3)2CHOC(S)NHC2H5 EINECS No.: 05-517-7 Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Purity: 95% Classification: General Reagents,Mining reagents Brand Name: Qingdao Ruchang Model Number: (CH3)2CHOC(S)NHC2H5
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Contain (%)

Active Component (%)


Isopropyl Alcohol (%)


Diethyl Thiourea (%)


Moisture& Volatile(%)


You can download the technical data sheets in PDF format here.

Technical Data Sheet Download

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