Tert-butyl methyl ether (MTBE)

CAS No.: 1634-04-4
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Product description:

MTBE OCS providing is mainly from Far east, Middle east and Southeast Asia area, 95%, 97% and 98% are all available. OCS supplying MTBE with low sulphur content.





 97% Min. w/w


 0.5% Max. w/w

 Water content

 800ppm Max.


 30ppm Max.



Mainly used in gasoline additive, also used in pharmacy

Safety and handling:

Hazardous class: 3.1

Packing group: II

UN No.: 2398


150kg net per drum

Molecular Structure:

For more information, please contact OCS at info@orchid-chemical.com

You can download the technical data sheets in PDF format here.

Technical Data Sheet Download

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